Fire Damage

Fire Damage


We have so many people who have several unanswered questions about fire damage restoration. The most important thing that you need to understand is that fire damage restoration occurs in a series of steps.  Each of the steps responds to a particular element of the fire damage whether the damage involves the removal of smoke odor or is structural. It is good to begin fire damage restoration immediately after cleaning out the structure and clearing the building for re-entry.

The cleanup process that results from fire damage is labor intensive and time consuming. This explains why most homeowners prefer to hire professional restoration companies to do this job. It is the only way you will be sure the job will be done correctly and properly.

There is no definite amount of time that your fire damage restoration will take. Something may appear to be a very easy project to the homeowner but this is not always the case. Therefore, this is not the kind of project that you are going to schedule for the weekend. You need a strong team of manpower to focus on the task until it comes to completion. Let no one cheat you that only big fire damages can benefit from the skills and high level of expertise that professionals offer. Miami Restoration will serve you even of your property was exposed to a smaller fire.

The other important thing is to make sure that the fire restoration company is fully insured and licensed. Meeting this criteria will work for the safety and protection of both the customer and the company. You should also get quotations from at least three companies before you determine the one that will give you the best services at the most cost effective price.

The fire damage restoration experts will always begin their work by fully inspecting the property. This will allow them to evaluate your situation and determine the most affected part of your home. The areas that suffer the most will always display signs of charring and warping. You need to remove such areas from the structure and replace them. Trained fire experts will also inspect your house for damages on the utility, water, and wiring systems. These technicians will examine and repair all the affected areas to ensure that safety of all the home residence.


There are several approaches that can be used to clean smoke odor from the home including a combination of ozone deodorization and fogging. However, only trained professionals are allowed to use these methods.  In case you don’t handle this task properly, it can pose a great danger to both the home occupants and their property.


  • Is Fire Damage Insurance a Necessity

It is very important to have a fire insurance for your home. Fire damage insurance polices tend to vary from state to state and company to company. Some of the inclusions on fire insurance include replacement funds for personal belongings and items that are directly damages by the smoke, heat, or flames. It can also extend to secondary water damages from the efforts of extinguishing the fire. You could be exposing your family to greater risks if you don’t have a fire insurance for the home. In case fire occurs, you may loose all your personal items and belongings. It can be very painful to lose the most valuable items in the home as a result of fire. Miami Restoration exists to make sure that the restoration is done properly and correctly.

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